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Precision Hearing Solutions serves patients in Kansas and Nebraska through comprehensive hearing tests and fitting of hearing aids. Our website is dedicated to helping you learn about the services we provide as well as the technology that makes it possible for us to help people. We have also served our clients in their most convenient locations, whether through on-site (our facilities) or in-home services.

The quality of our work is backed by the words of our patients below:

“I’m hearing sounds I didn’t know I was missing! Enjoying hearing ‘stereo’ music, and discerning the direction of sounds.

The hearing specialist was friendly, professional, and knowledgeable about hearing aids and hearing loss. I totally felt that she understood my hearing issues.

I put off learning anything about hearing aids for years due to lack of funds and embarrassment of wearing aids. I’m pleased with my hearing aids. They aren’t perfect but they are so much better than missing out on what people are speaking and hearing other sounds vital to our everyday safety.”

Joy Richter- McCook, NE   

                      June 20, 2018